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Snapdragons make excellent filler flowers due to their height, unique shape, and colours. No other flower is endowed with the magical ability to speak. When one squeezes the silky blossom of snapdragon its mouth opens and is reported to reveal deep secrets about the future. If you send someone a beautiful and magical bouquet that will communicate your desire for wishes to come true.

Category: Cut Flowers

Genus: Antirrhinum majus


Common Name: Snapdragons, Snaps

Longevity: 10 - 15 days, depending on care and handling

Stem Length: Approx. 50cm - 70cm

​Availability: All Year Round



per bunch
(5 stems)



1. All flower prices may be different due to Valentine's Day and Mother Day.


2. Please note pictures shown above may not reflect the exact colour of flowers received due to photo lighting, monitor setting, and natural differences due to Mother Nature.


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