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Lilium (Oriental)

For many years, the Lilium (oriental) was the most exotic flowers available. The Lilium (oriental) strange and alluring dots and stripes promised adventure. This adventure was often thought to lead to wealth and prosperity. A fresh bouquet arrangement of Lilium (oriental) communicates a wish for happiness, excitement, and prosperity.

Category: Cut Flowers

Genus: Lilium longiflorum, L. auraturn, L. speciosum, L. longiflorum x Asiatic 

Common Name: Oriental Lily

Longevity: 10 - 14 days, depending on care and handling

Stem Length: Approx. 80 - 100cm

​Availability: All Year Round



per bunch
(5 stems)



1. All flower prices may be different due to Valentine's Day and Mother Day.


2. Please note pictures shown above may not reflect the exact colour of flowers received due to photo lighting, monitor setting, and natural differences due to Mother Nature.


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